10 Best Hailey Bieber Looks

If a young Princess Di had a penchant for streetwear, Heiley would be her reincarnation. The post 10 Best Hailey Bieber Looks appeared first on Her Beauty.

We’re head over heels for Hailey Bieber’s style for more than a few reasons. While many celebrities look like they took hours to get dolled up, Hailey is more about low-key luxury, with a chic focus on effortless looks and comfort. If a young Princess Di had a penchant for streetwear, this would be her reincarnation.

She’s a queen of monochromatic looks, buying things a size up, and making sweatpants look fancy. Rather than a glamorous blow-out, she goes with a sleek pulled back ponytail or a top bun held together by a scrunchie. She represents the everygirl, but teaches us how to level up in our day-to-day outfits. Here are our favorite Hailey Bieber looks to date — they’re so cool and comfy, you’ll want to recreate them immediately.

1. This iconic outfit is relatively easy to recreate, but it’s in the styling of the items that Hailey really slays. The jean tucked into a high slouchy boot is known as the “Diana Tuck” and we love that it doesn’t have to be done with skin-tight jeans. The belt and simple black tee under a slightly slouchy leather jacket really pull it all together.

2. Ah, queen of huge, magnificent coats and baggy bottoms. Thin and thick girls alike will both look fabulous in this look, which once again combined a slouched boot with some bunched up jeans. This time, a mint belt is the pop of color, and we get a peek of her slinky silhouette from that turtleneck beneath the luxurious robe coat.

3. Although she’s mastered neutrals, we enjoy seeing Mrs. Bieber in a pop of color. This emerald green miniskirt combined with a suit jacket shows off her legs for days, which are even more accentuated by those thigh high black boots. Every girl needs a pair of those in her closet! We adore the gold Bottega Veneta purse’s chain detail that matches the buttons.

4. This look screams expensive. If you want to go out in the winter and look gorgeous without stuffing your body into a LBD (little black dress) this outfit is the alternative you need! A long black trench is combined with silky oversized soft trousers, a belt, and a black turtleneck. If we’ve learned one thing from this beauty, it’s that you need multiple turtlenecks, and many, many belts.

The post 10 Best Hailey Bieber Looks appeared first on Her Beauty.